Emergency Dentistry in MCKINNEY, TX

What is emergency dentistry?

As the name suggests, emergency dentistry is concerned with treating unexpected oral health issues. However, this category of issues is broader than you may think! It includes things like knocked-out, loose, and damaged teeth, as well as cuts to the mouth, toothaches, loose or missing dental work, and more.

If you’re experiencing any problem that’s causing you oral pain and you’re not sure what to do, just call Experience Dental at 214-385-4460 to schedule the same-day care you need. Your McKinney dentist is always here to assist you. Our office is located at 7001 S. Custer Road, Suite 200, McKinney TX 75070.

McKinney Emergency Dentist

Did you know…

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Cavities don’t cause toothaches. If you have a toothache, it’s probably because of an infected tooth, which is a serious dental emergency.

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What to do in a dental emergency

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Relax & Stay Calm IN AN EMERGENCY

If you’re having an emergency, do your best to relax and stay calm. We know it’s painful, but there’s a solution to every problem, and the team at Experience Dental is here to help.

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Call us for an EMERGENCY appointment

Call at 214-385-4460. We always have emergency appointments available for patients who need immediate care in McKinney. Not sure if you need same-day care? Call anyway, explain your situation, and let us help you make the right decision. 

Treat pain, swelling, and bleeding

If you’re bleeding, you can absorb blood with a cotton ball, a piece of gauze, or a clean paper towel. Take medicine like ibuprofen or naproxen for the pain, and ice the cheek near the affected area to numb it.

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Get the same-day care you need

Next, come to our office as soon as you can. The above steps only provide temporary relief. You need to see Dr. Dennis Lee to get a long-term solution to your dental emergency and restore your oral health.

More About Emergency Dentistry

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The Importance Of Prompt Care

There are a few reasons why prompt care is so important. First, it helps protect your tooth and prevents further complications. This also helps you save time and money, because getting help right away means you can get a simpler, faster, and less expensive treatment to resolve your oral injury or dental emergency. 

Immediate emergency care in McKinney also helps you get back to your day-to-day routine. Dr. Lee will eliminate your pain and discomfort, allowing you to get back to work, school, caring for your kids, and all of your other daily activities right away.

Same-Day, After-Hours, Weekend Appointments

We always have same-day appointments available for dental patients in McKinney. Just give us a call at 214-385-4460 to schedule a consultation, explain your situation, and we’ll see you ASAP to provide the care you need.

Dr. Lee also understands that emergencies don’t just happen from 9-5, so we offer extended after-hours appointments. Call us to discuss your situation and get the help you need.

Our team is available on weekends, too. We’re open on Saturday, so you don’t have to wait until Monday to get the treatment you need for your emergency. Again, just call us to speak to our dental team, discuss your emergency, and get help as soon as you can

Did you know…

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Putting a knocked out tooth in milk, not water, can preserve the root while you head to your emergency appointment.

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Have questions about emergency dentistry? Find answers here.

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What should I do if I’ve knocked out a tooth?

First, recover your tooth. Grab it by the top (the crown) not the bottom (the root), as this will ensure you don’t damage the tooth further. You can rinse it with warm water, if necessary. Then, you’ll need to replace it in the socket or put it into a container of cold milk to keep it moist until you come in to see the dentist.

Don’t spend too much time trying to treat pain and discomfort. This is an extremely serious dental emergency, and your tooth must be replaced and splinted by your dentist within 1-2 hours to save it. Give us a call right away for immediate instructions, and come see our team ASAP to get the help you need now.

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What should I do if my dental work has fallen out?

If possible, recover your dental work and put it in a plastic bag or container that you can bring with you to your appointment. Next, call us right away to schedule that appointment. 

This is a serious dental emergency because losing a piece of dental work exposes vulnerable parts of your tooth to bacteria, which can cause infection, further decay or damage, and other complications. Get a same-day appointment, and you can restore your smile with a new filling, crown, or other restorative dental work.

What should I do about a severe toothache?

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A severe toothache that lasts 1-2 days or longer usually indicates a tooth infection, which can be a very serious dental emergency. You may need root canal therapy to restore your tooth and prevent it from dying.

Call us immediately to schedule an appointment. Until that appointment, you can use Orajel or a similar topical numbing product to numb the tooth, or take over-the-counter pain relievers. Applying an ice pack may also help with your discomfort until you can get treatment for your condition.

What should I do about a chipped, broken or cracked tooth?

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Even if the damage seems minor, call us for a same-day emergency appointment. Sometimes it’s difficult to know the severity of a chip, break or crack without a professional dental exam. A broken or cracked tooth can easily become infected if it’s not treated quickly. This can cause further and unnecessary complications.

Call us and come see our team as soon as you can. Your dentist will examine the tooth and determine the extent of the damage. From there, they can offer their best recommendations to repair and protect your smile.

What should I do about a loose tooth?

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A loose tooth after a dental injury is a serious emergency. Without proper care, the nerves supporting your tooth may die, or the tooth may fall out of your mouth entirely. You need to call our team immediately for a same-day appointment.

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, avoid touching the loose tooth with your tongue or fingers. The less you move it around, the better. Once you get to our office, your dentist will splint and stabilize the tooth by attaching it to the adjacent teeth. This allows it to heal and re-attach to your gums. 

Did you know…

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If left untreated, a tooth infection can spread to other parts of your body.

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